About the challenge

BUILD is an event bridging students' passion for new and emerging technologies and positive social impact. Within BUILD’23, participants are to use any form of new technology (e.g. Blockchain, AI, Nanotechnology) to create a hack addressing one of the global issue tracks.

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Tip for forming teams: 4 people / team max, look for a balance of humanities and STEM hackers

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What to Submit: We will be offering two paths: technical and non-technical. 



  • Deploy link of coded project
  • Video demo of prototype

(A pitch deck and pitch are optional)



  • Pitch deck
  • Pitch video 
  • Or any alternative creative methods - please confirm with hosts

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD188,976 in prizes

Wolfram Award (20)

1-year Wolfram|One personal Edition + Wolfram|Alpha Pro subscription (per team member)

! Only 5 projects will be selected (4 members per team)

Complimentary Prizes (200)

- 1-month subscription of Wolfram|One
- 1-month echo3D Premium subscription
- 1-year subscription of .xyz domain - personal or project use
- 5-year unlimited access to Taskade
- Team license to Voiceflow
- Axure RP Team Edition

Taskade Award (20)

Lifetime unlimited upgrades

Most Innovative use of Verbwire (3)

$250 Prize total. We'll give a $25 Amazon gift card to each team member on any team that qualifies.

Most creative use of Verbwire (50)

$45 in Premium API credits for any team that qualifies, and has not been awarded a prize in category 1. We'll give up to 50 teams this.

Mento Design Academy's Best Prototype

The project that exemplifies in the use of UI/UX components and selected by the Mento Academy Judges

Adobe Creative Cloud 1-Year Subscriptions (3)

Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions for the 3 winning teams of the main global issue tracks.

Sustainability Main Track

Climate Change and Sustainability Track.

Healthcare Main Track

Accessibility and quality of healthcare track.

Inequalities Main Track

Educational and social inequalities track.

Web3 Track Powered by Verbwire

The best Web3 implementation chosen by Verbwire.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ganesh Harke

Ganesh Harke
Vice President of Software Engineering at Citi Bank

Pavel Terenin

Pavel Terenin
Senior Software Engineer at Juniper Square

Doyita Mitra

Doyita Mitra
Solutions Architect at AWS

Eric Joseph Lee

Eric Joseph Lee
Founder and President of VXP

Olivia Li

Olivia Li
CEO of Kangaroo OS

Yolqin Alimov

Yolqin Alimov
Senior Product Designer at Super Dispatch

Judging Criteria

  • TBD

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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